“I have worked with Pinecrest on 2 occasions – initially due to ice storm damage and then for renovations/remodel of my first floor which also included water damage that extended to my basement ceiling.    I found Pinecrest Builders to be easy to work with, listened to my needs, and professional throughout the process.  Everyone I worked with was responsive to all questions I had and took pride in their work.   If there were alternatives to doing some of the work due to the structure constraints already in place, they were up front about the need to change original plans and present options that would be suitable for the situation.   I was out of town on extended duty during most of the renovation period.   At all times, they listened when I had questions and kept me abreast of the status of the project.   I felt totally comfortable that they had my best interests at heart, that my property would be left clean, and secured each time they came in to work.  They truly carried out the rendering of my vision to a be a true showcase.   As seen in the photos on their site (Grafton – Kitchen Remodel), it turned out to be quite spectacular and a pleasure to show off to all my friends.   They did not even show all the work that was done that included the small powder room and living room which were all equally well done.”

Sue – Grafton

“A trailer truck drove by my house, pulled off the electrical wire off my house and a big section of the aluminum siding with it. When I talked the insurance company they wanted me to get estimates and meet with adjusters. I was afraid I didn’t know where to start and didn’t want deal with all that stuff, which is when I called Pinecrest Builders. Best decision I ever made. I gave the trucking company’s insurance company Cory’s name from Pinecrest builders and they took care of all the details, dealt with all the paper work, and met with adjusters. In a short time Cory called me with figures and a list of everything was required to fix my house. We review what need to be fixed and picked out new colors for the house. Pinecrest knew all of the proper information and have the ability to speak the same language as the adjusters. They were able to speed up the time it takes to deal with the adjuster and the insurance company. Within two weeks, Pinecrest had crews at my house, took down all the old siding, put up the new siding got all the electrical fixed and my house. One week after that they were complete and  my house looks 100% better than it did before and it didn’t cost me any money out of my pocket! Pinecrest Builders took care of every aspect and all the headaches. The workmanship was excellent, they worked fast, they worked clean and I recommend them to everybody I know. They will do all my work in the future and all family will use them too!”

Tom – Worcester

“Six months into renting the house we had raised our children in our tenants had a kitchen fire. Having no idea how the process worked we looked to the insurance company before researching contractors. Fortunately we contacted Andy in time because without his guidance we would have accepted the assessment from the insurance company, which was probably half of what Andy was able to have them agree to. I am so thankful that I asked my brother-in-law for the name of the contractor he used at his home in Holden and was told to call Andy at Pinecrest. We now have a beautiful renovated kitchen, and new tenants!”

Sharon – Worcester

“In researching builders for the addition of a farmer’s porch, we were referred to Pinecrest Builders and could not be morepleased with our decision. From the moment we met with Andy to discuss the specifications, we knew that Pinecrest positively differed from the other builder’s we met with. From the moment construction began, the Pinecrest team was friendly, thorough in their communications to us, kept an exceptionally clean workspace, and provided our family with an impeccably constructed porch. We will be using Pinecrest Builder’s in the future for a home addition and would gladly recommend them to anyone looking for a local builder, whom is reliable and can be trusted. We would like to extend our gratitude to Pinecrest Builders for the phenomenal job they did.”

Jen – Paxton

“During the 34 years I lived in my home, I had the same contractor for 25 of those years. He did everything from major renovations to smaller projects. He retired just about the time I moved from that house to my new home where I was faced with some renovations I wanted done. A good friend recommended Andy Gallagher and Pinecrest Builders. I met with Andy, came up with a plan and work began on a complete bathroom / laundry closet make-over, as well as a couple of changes to the kitchen. Not only are the results fantastic, but their crew who brought it all about were terrific. Cory was just an email or phone call away and always responsive to my questions and requests. If you are considering any renovation, I wholeheartedly encourage you to call Pinecrest. I am sure you too will be very happy.”

Sandra – Worcester

“We just had a Fire and we needed to find a contractor who would work with us. After calling many contractors with not a good feeling we called Pinecrest Builders. We wanted to thank Pinecrest Builders and all their employees for your superior work and professionalism. This all started with Andy, your professionalism began the moment the phone was answered.  We appreciate the promptness and quality of work your team performed. Your work was above our expectation we also appreciate the patience displayed by you as we asked many questions during this process. The 7 months of rebuild was made a little less stressful and well worth it knowing Andy’s team was on the job.

Tony & Missy – Worcester

“I walked into my house to find water pouring through the ceilings. Pinecrest Builders was there within an hour with a generator so we could pump 2 1/2 feet of water out of the basement. After the water was shut off and lines checked, they assisted me with the insurance claim and the complete renovation of the entire house. I recently moved back into the house that everyone who visits compliments me on. Thank You Pinecrest Builders!”

John – Worcester

“Andy and his team were amazing in helping us recover from severe water damage in our home. He worked with our insurance company to get us the most money possible for our repairs. The work Pinecrest did on our home was exceptional. We were so happy with the final product, the price and the turnaround time. Highly recommended! ”

Mark – Worcester


Customer Satisfaction!

"From the moment we met with Andy to discuss the specifications, we knew that Pinecrest positively differed from the other builder’s we met with."