Frequently Asked Questions


What is a “General Contractor”?

A General Contractor’s role is to take responsibility for ALL work performed at the construction site, including its own team along with each subcontractor that may be involved.  The General Contractor reviews and manages all work, ensuring that it is within building code, within budget and on schedule. Pinecrest Builders philosophy as your General Contractor is to provide constant communication and transparency with the homeowner during the entire construction process.

What is the role of an Insurance Loss Contractor?

Once you file an insurance claim, you should call an Insurance Loss Contractor like Pinecrest Builders to mediate the damages and repair damage caused to your home as soon as possible. At that point, the Contractor communicates with you and your insurance adjuster to quantify the repair cost for the incurred damage. It is VERY important that your Contractor is familiar with the insurance claim procedure. There is an abundance of detail involved in the process of filing property insurance claims, of which the property owner is often unaware.

How much does Pinecrest Builders charge for Insurance Loss restoration?

Pinecrest Builders offers the capability to restore your property to like new condition at no cost to you (aside from the deductible paid to your Insurance Company). We get compensated directly through the insurance claim and require no payment from the homeowner if the work is completed as agreed upon. Built into each insurance claim is the profit and overhead provided to the contractor for their work. If there is to be work performed at your request that is above and beyond the insurance loss restoration quote (which is a common request) we will work out a separate contract with the homeowner.

How is the the scope of work and estimation for an Insurance Loss determined?

Pinecrest Builders utilizes Xactimate, which applies industry standard prices for material and labor. Most Insurance Adjusters work with the Xactimate software, allowing us to determine the best possible compensation for your losses.

Will Pinecrest Builders completely handle every aspect of the Insurance Loss restoration?

Absolutely! Pinecrest Builders has the ability to begin the process from the moment that disaster strikes your property. From emergency service cleanup and demolition to painting and the final inspection, Pinecrest will restore your property entirely to its pre-loss condition.

What area does Pinecrest Builders perform work in?

We are based out of Worcester, MA and frequently work throughout central and southern Worcester County including Paxton, Shrewsbury, Auburn, Millbury, Spencer, the Brookfields, Rutland, Marlboro, Grafton, Sutton and beyond. Throughout our 28 years, we have performed work throughout Massachusetts including Cape Cod, the Springfield area and the South Shore.

Can Pinecrest Builders develop building plans or do I need to hire an Engineer?

Pinecrest Builders has the ability to work with the homeowner to draw up anything from a bathroom remodel to a new construction home! We are trained to utilize the latest version of computer-aided design software (AutoCAD) to develop building plans that allow us to make your vision into a reality. Pinecrest Builders also works closely with trustworthy and qualified Structural, Architectural and Septic Engineers to ensure that our construction plans are code-compliant and (most importantly) safe to build.


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